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VOIP really is and should be simple

[Cape Town, 17 March 2017] -

One of the major issues hindering the progression of VOIP, says Dominic Sardinha of Abacus Telecomm, is the degree to which people in the industry try to overcomplicate VOIP to such a degree that it dissuades would-be customers for taking up these solutions.

Over the years and since reliable through-puts over Internet connections have evolved, VOIP has become an exceptional option for customers to reduce already high telco costs. With this comes an entire new industry and additional revenue streams to existing PABX vendors.

However, in an attempt to protect themselves and their livelihood, these vendors go to great lengths to overcomplicate this industry by using extremely technical terms and jargon that most people just don't understand.


This results in these potential customers shying away from a very effective cost savings tool and the possible by being approached by competitive vendors. 

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