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Power Solutions

Abacus Telecomm offers various backup power solutions to keep your phones and internet up and running during load shedding cycles. In addition we are able to offer you more heavier duty solution should you require more power hungry devices to remain online. These can include servers, PC's, monitors and computer equipment. For more ambitious aspirations for going off grid, we have a network of professional, efficient and competent solar array installers.

Mecer is a leading IT infrastructure and technology partner in South Africa. Larger and heavier duty online and line interactive UPS solutions ranging from 1KVA to 6KVA. Strong enough to keep your office online.

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Cleaner and more efficient than anything else. Solar power can get you off grid. Although we do not sell these products, we know the best who do and can put you in contact with professional, efficient and reliable solar solution installers.

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