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About Us

Abacus Telecomm is an holistic communications service provider specialising in the field of reducing communication costs. Abacus Telecomm specifically focuses on voice and DATA communications. These incorporate VoIP, IP PABX, Hosted PABX, Internet connectivity and collaborative work spaces with Google Workspace.  So, in essence, all things relating to communication.


Abacus Telecomm only markets solutions that effectively reduce communication costs.

With this in mind, Abacus Telecomm is able to ensure 100% service levels and 100% focus on its clients.


Abacus Telecomm installs, monitors and maintains PABX and hosted PABX solutions as well as also providing all DATA/Internet connectivity solutions currently available (4G/LTE/LTE+/5G/FTTB/FTTH), VoIP services and Google Workspace products. 

Currently Abacus Telecomm has over 750 active clients and a database of nearly 2500 clients of which most are serviced in one of the aspects of the business in one way or the other.

In addition to this Abacus Telecomm has an infrastructure of contract based technicians in every major center across South Africa as well as technicians in the smaller remote areas of South Africa.

This ensures effective and expedient delivery of equipment to literally every corner of South Africa. Agreements are in place with these technicians to ensure that service level agreements in place with our clients are honoured.

All equipment used by Abacus Telecomm is at all times at the forefront of technology. All warranties relating to the before mentioned equipment is covered by the manufacturers.


In this way clients can have the peace of mind that in any event, as long as the equipment is within warranty, the client can be assured that the equipment will be serviced and maintained.

Established in 2003 and with now 20 years of operation, Abacus Telecomm has come to understand its client’s needs and expectations of communications. In the event of any equipment ceasing to operate the equipment will communicate with Abacus Telecomm’s offices, allowing Abacus Telecomm to proactively perform preventative maintenance.

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