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The Fibre Evolution


Fibre internet is the now very current super fast, high speed internet. Fibre speeds are available from 10MB/s to 1 GB/s. This now means that one's internet experience has become a truly real time experience. Latency levels are so low at between 1 and 15ms, that waiting for things to download, stream, upload or connect are now a thing of the past.

Abacus Telecomm offers the full range of Fibre offerings from home use to business use, capped to uncapped, month to month to contract. Please select whether your requirements are for home or for business use below.

Fibre offerings are area specific and fiber rates may vary from provider to provider as well as from area to area. All pricing quoted in these pages are more for reference only. Connected areas and providers are updating all the time so it would be best to contact us for more accurate information and pricing.

Please note: We cannot supply Fibre To The Home (FTTH) if your business resides in a commercial or industrial area including shopping malls. Fibre To The Business (FTTB) MUST apply.

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